Monday, August 16, 2010

Possible Names For My New Yacht

SS Fingerbang
Chips Ahoy
All Elbows
Cheap Seats
Grape Apeshit
Wide Load
HMS Blinkenbottom
I Can't Believe It's Not Sinking
Sea Paunch
Bouy, I Love Sailing
Salt Water Daffy
Guppy Love
The Grieving Widow
My Other Yacht Has a Helipad
Harvard Rejected Me
Brine Whore
The Sloop Bill W
Breezy Cheezy
Let's Sail to Kansas
Butler On Board
Caviar Princess
Bastard Son
Queasy Knees
Bilge Drinker
Dancing Flounder
Dolphin Crotch
Bob, Stay!
Tapioca Dreams
Innards a la Mode
The Bobber Soxy
Tin Monkey
The Flatulent WASP
Avast Food Junkie
SS Baggywrinkle
Cabin Toy
Not a Clew
Coxswain Balls

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