Saturday, May 1, 2010

Superman WILL Fuck Your Mom

In my book I'm trying to describe the theme song to Dr. Mask's favorite TV show, The Adventures of Amazing Man. So, I'm listening to the spectacular theme to the Superman movie, the opening notes of which send chills down my spine.

I got so into it I made up lyrics:

(main theme)

Go fuck yourseeeelf, I'm Supermaaaan
You are so fucking weeeeak, I sneer at yoooou
But I'm gonna saaave you
I'm gonna saaave you
Gonna save you froooom
That crocodiiiile.

I'm from outer spaaace, how cool is thaaat?
I can fuckin flyyyy, and stop bullets tooooo
I'll fuck your mother
I'll fuck your sister
And there aint a damn thing
That you can dooooo

(now the regal march)

I am a God.....WITH a CAPE.
Don't fuck with me

The one thing I fear.....KRYP-to-NITE.

Something like that....