Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Simple Plan

Facebook chat between me and my sister:
[NOTE: TJ is my five year old nephew]
JENNY: Santa's coming Thursday night, and TJ is shitting his pants
ME: Idea for a Joke: Tell TJ that Santa was in a three car pileup on 495 and he's in a coma

JENNY: That would be funny, except that TJ would tell you Santa would be OK because he's magic

ME: Tell him that Santa's magic was in the glove compartment of the car which was taken to the auto graveyard and put in the crusher
JENNY: Don't be mean
ME: Tell him the only way to bring santa out of his coma is if he shovels the driveway

JENNY: We have a plow man for that

ME: The front walk, then

JENNY: We have a daddy for that

ME: It's a win-win: you get a cleared out walk, and TJ thinks he saved Christmas

JENNY: ha ha!