Thursday, November 15, 2007

Possible Titles for My Next Album

Young, Nubile Vegans
Already Got Me One
The Great Snarling Dragon & Me
Big, Ugly Baby
Dr. Dentist, DDS
The Mysterious Mystery
Note To Self
Unusually So
To Father Vinnie, Who Liked My Hair
Move Those Hips!
Salamander Pie
The Battle For Elbow Room
Molden Goldie
Zip It!
A Cast of Thousands....and YOU
Moby Dick 2: The Quest for Queequeg's Gold
Frank's Big Date
You Sicken Me, Steve
I Got the Overpopulation Hong Kong Blues
Barnacle Boy vs The Seaside Kid (in 3-D)
Leave 'Em Wanting More
Lung Cancer Ate My Brain Cancer (And I Feel Fine)
Find That One-Legged Boy!
Lab Explosion
Blood Red Snowflake
Make That THREE Cheers For Democracy!
Moby Dick 3: The Search for Starbuck's Ghost
Sucking Up to The Man
Fortuitous Consternation
24 Karat Dumbass
Moby Dick 4: Tashtego Goes Bananas
Two Bumbershots and a Glazed Cornea
Boy, Did That Suck
All Alone in the Kitchen
Poop Juice
So Thick, So Rich
Moby Dick 5: Daggoo vs Predator
The Tall, Dark, Strange Man
Let's Not Fight
It's Not You, It's You
Wednesday Morning Quarterback
Peripheral Truculence
Steaming Mad
Nothing Personal, Joey
Moby Dick 6: Ishmael's Revenge

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